Sunny Leone on 10 Years in Bollywood: ‘There Was Time When My Bank Account Was Running in Negative’

Sunny Leone on 10 Years in Bollywood: ‘There Was Time When My Bank Account Was Running in Negative’

Sunny Leone was recently seen as a secret agent in Vikram Bhatt’s action-packed web series, Anamika. Apart from wielding a gun, the actor was seen showcasing her action side with all the kicks and punches, pummels, plots and plans.

Leone came to India to participate in Bigg Boss. She later made her Bollywood debut with Jism 2 in 2012. She has completed 10 years in the film industry this year. Sunny, who is married to Daniel Weber, says that they ended up doing everything that they thought they weren’t going to do.

“Daniel and I always thought we are not going to get a house, but we recently bought one. We never thought of having staff and all these cars and all these different things here. We thought we would go back and forth between America and India. Our view of being here and being in the industry, wasn’t something that we were thinking was going to be a certain amount of years, or that it was going to be permanent. So in our head, being in Bollywood was never permanent. But I have no desire to go back. I like to stay here. So the journey has been so unbelievable that I love it here,” Leone told us.

Born Karenjit Kaur to Sikh parents in Canada, Leone grew up there with her brother and also lived in the United States during her teenage years. Leone confesses that there was a time when she would find it difficult to make ends meet, “Daniel and I always look back and think where we were and where we have reached. Back in America, we were at some point our bank account was running in the negative. I am not someone who comes from a privileged background. Everything wasn’t always there for us. We worked hard for everything. We had parents who are very hardworking, if we ever needed anything, of course, they would give, but it wasn’t anything in excess at all.”

Leone along with her husband had started a production house in America by borrowing money, “When we started our company back in 2009. It was just the two of us and we weren’t going to ask our parents for money or anything at that point. There was a time when for work, we would be staying in a shady little hotel in the middle of nowhere in America. We didn’t have a house nor did we own a car. We had to walk to get our groceries. There is nothing wrong with walking and of all what I am saying doesn’t come from any ego. So I remember one time we were in the negative and Daniel was a bit freaked out as we were taking loans to start our company and set everything up. And it was a bit difficult to make ends meet.”

But things changed once she decided to come to India, “After participating in Bigg Boss and making my movie debut, everything just turned into a different direction. It’s been a wonderful journey so far. I’ve had my share of struggles that have been different from the rest but I don’t regret anything that I have done in my entire life. I love who I am and I love my job. Everything that I have done in my life has made me reach the place where I am today. Today, we have a house, three kids, a big family in India, and just about everything that we need. I am really happy with the pace of my career. I am working non-stop, and I am looking forward to many of my projects that are releasing this year.”

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Sunny Leone on 10 Years in Bollywood: ‘There Was Time When My Bank Account Was Running in Negative’

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