Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme

Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme

Now women will get new employment as Vidyut Mitra Sevaks in the central region. Taking important steps towards women empowerment, Nishtha Vidyut Mitra scheme has been started by the power distribution company. This scheme has been implemented in all the gram panchayats of all the 16 districts of Bhopal, Narmadapuram, Gwalior and Chambal divisions of the company’s jurisdiction. The scheme will act as a bridge between the consumers of Gram Panchayat level and the electricity distribution company. Through this scheme, the revenue of the electricity company will increase, along with prevention of illegal use of electricity, new connections will also be given. At the Gram Panchayat level, the women of Women Self Help Groups will be known as Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Sevaks and they will also get a new source of income.

Purpose of Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme

The objective of this scheme is to stop the illegal use of electricity, give new connections to the people as well as make women self-reliant by giving employment. MP  Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Yojana will facilitate new connections through online processes to motivate consumers to make bill payments or through UPI app, redress various consumer complaints like faulty meters. To take advantage of this scheme, you have to apply online under this scheme. Under this  Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Yojana  MP it will also help the company to provide information about electricity theft and illegal use of electricity. In this scheme, women self-help groups will motivate consumers to pay bills online or through UPAY App.


Amount to be received in Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme

  • As per half-yearly calculation, 15 percent incentive amount on the amount collected by the self-help group as compared to the previous year.
  • 50 per connection incentive amount for issuing new single phase connection.
  • 200 per connection incentive amount for issuing 3 phase irrigation pump connection.
  • Incentive amount of Rs.100 per connection (except irrigation pump) for release of other three phase connections.
  • 10 percent incentive amount on reporting of electricity theft, if the case is found correct and on receipt of the bill amount.


Benefits of Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme

With the help of this scheme, the women of the state will be able to increase their income.

Women who are living in Madhya Pradesh will be able to make income with the help of Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Yojana and will be able to become self-reliant.

If anyone is caught for theft of electricity worth Rs 50 and for a new single phase connection, then Nishtha Vidyut Mitra will get 10 percent of that bill.

If you want to take a new connection of single phase then Rs 50 for that and if you want to take new connection of three phase then you will be given Rs 200 for that.

If your bill is up to 5 thousand rupees, then you will get an incentive of 5 rupees in bill collection and if your bill is more than 5 thousand rupees then you will get 10 rupees incentive.

Under the Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Yojana, women self-help groups will encourage consumers to pay bills online.

Women will get additional benefits under this scheme.

At the level of Gram Panchayat, women self-help groups will give their services to the consumers as Nishtha Vidyut Mitra under the Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme 2020.

People will be able to pay the bill through online through UPAY App under this scheme.

Women of Gram Panchayats falling under the purview of the company will be selected and trained as Nishtha Vidyut Mitras according to their qualifications.

Apart from the beneficial scheme, women of all gram panchayat areas will be able to work.

Through this scheme, all the working women will encourage the electricity consumers to make online payment through UPAY App.


Eligibility of Madhya Pradesh Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme

  • Candidate female should be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh state.
  • Candidate female should have any means of online net banking.
  • This scheme has been made by the MP government for women, only women applicants can apply under this scheme.
  • Women should have a bank account.


Documents of Nishtha Vidyut Mitra MP


Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Yojana Electricity Bill Payment Process

Step 1 Visit the official website

To apply online for Nishtha Vidyut Mitra Scheme, first of all you have to visit its official website. See in the given picture –

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